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Selected feedbacks: Alex Attias (Freedomsoundz / Mule / Compost ...): "Yes great vibe, will play." | Brendon Moeller (aka Beat Pharmacy / Echologist): "really digging ... definitely going in my DJ bag! keep up the good work!" | Jimpster (Freerange records): "like the sound ... should be able to play something off there in my sets. nice one." | Hrdvsion (Wagon Repair records): "sunshine ep.... perfect name for this one... let's get out on the rooftop!" | Ken Ishii (70 drums): "[...] I like Mr Bizz Sunshine EP a lot. All the tracks sound smooth - ideal to close a warm night..." | Laurent Garnier (PIAS / F Com): "I really like the 3 tracks of Mr Bizz. Deep house tunes ... will play a lot." | Matt Flores (Combination records / Shack / Compost ...): "TOTALY LOVIN THE airiness of sunshine, lost in chords and wide open like the blue skys... traveling with the more earthy part is also nice , will play. Also sirtaki with its night vibes is down my road." | Nico De Ceglia (BBC Radio 1): "I really like it. All 3 tracks sound cool, I'll play it out." | Secondo (Dreck Records, Soul Jazz Records): "I like mr.bizz's sirtaki track a lot [...] the whole EP is very nice..." | Shaka (Corner / Revolver / Stattmusik / Floppy Funk / Morris Audio) : "nice deep and smooth tunes... I really like it...!!" | Skwerl ( SonarKollektiv / Member of the Trick): "I really like the track "Sirtaki" it's a prime example of the perfect loop. Nice groove to it and will definitely do well on deep floors." | Tedd Patterson (Connaisseur Supérieur / Wave Music / Strictly Rhythm ...): "I absolutely love "sunshine" and Traveling (no vox) perfect balance of deep and hypno with great energy. thank you!!!!!!! full support." | Vince Watson (Planet e, Fcom, Delsin, Ibadan): "the mr bizz release is excellent.... will defo give this a few spins, some nice modern house touches without the need to get all clicky and cliquey" | Yannick Labbé (aka Trickski / Sonar Kollektiv): "I love the Mr. Bizz Ep. Will play and chart and play and play and play. thanks so much!"
Sunshine EP
1 - Sunshine [08:49]
2 - Traveling (No Vox) [06:14]
3 - Sirtaki [06:38]