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Distribution: Finetunes
Selected feedbacks: Alex Attias (Freedomsoundz / Mule / Compost ...): "I really like the production and this will also be played on my show. great work thanks" | Da Funk (Plastic City): "Here it is the Strange Side Of MY Brain track wich is the standout one for me! nice overall vibe and a lovely analog bass. full support!" | Hrdvsion (Wagon Repair records): "really dig the jolie belle... great dance tune...shuffle in there....booty shaker!" | Laurent Garnier (PIAS / F Com): "really like track 1 of Ian Morbey" | Matt Flores (Combination records / Shack / Compost ...): "Jolie Belle could fit in my bit more upfront sets, will give it a spin." | Muallem (Compost Black Label): "Jolie Belle by Ian Morbey is completely up my alley !!!" | Nico De Ceglia (BBC Radio 1): "I like track 1 of Ian Morbey." | Shaka (Corner / Revolver / Stattmusik / Floppy Funk / Morris Audio): "I really like it...!!" | Skwerl ( SonarKollektiv / Member of the Trick): "Jolie Belle" is a great track, fantastic bounce and just the right sounds are guaranteed to make em dance." | Yannick Labbé (aka Trickski / Sonar Kollektiv): "Strange Side of my Brain by Ian Morbey is right up my alley!"
Jolie Belle EP
1 - Jolie Belle [07:07]
2 - Strange Side Of My Brain [07:21]