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Selected feedbacks: Alex Attias: "... dopeness! im really into neds tunes. thats sick electro detroitish jazzmadness. superb thanks. full support" | Alex Flitsch: "really like... lovely deepness!" | Adultnapper: "Great. Really nice production value and an original sound. Thanks!" | Bugge Wesseltoft: "really liked the ned coleman stuff"! | Da Funk: "uncovered is the bomb! full support! the other 2 tracks are nice too!" | Hrdvsion: "really like! cool crunchy beats!" | Ken Ishii: "So Sorry is the one for me... it sounds quite fresh and inspiring!" | Nico De Ceglia: "nice release. nice atmosphere on all 3 tracks." |

Arts Desk review: There's a producer from Montreal called Mark Leclair who records under the name Akufen. About a decade ago he made a name for himself within the arcane world of clubland sub-genres by constructing broken, cracked sounding house music. It was as if he'd taken sounds, smashed them, and glued them back together a little bit wrong. Glitch-house was the term briefly and aptly applied and it's the one that springs to mind on hearing Ned Coleman's new EP. Dubby and, on one track, hardly danceable, Coleman keeps the ear fascinated by sprinkling damaged effects across his music, kaput percussion and deconstructed vocals strewn hither and thither, all adding up to hi-fidelity cyber-psychedelia as much as a trip to the disco.
Uncovered EP
1 - Uncovered [05:50]
2 - So Sorry [06:22]
3 - Take Me Home Love Me [04:50]