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After a long journey in a parallel universe where the overall and infinite abundance for all has led to the disappearance of money and to drive commercial music to a nonsense, Ian Morbey freer than ever, brought by an ascensional movement where the "underground" music comes out of the caves and opens at daylight, Ian Morbey is back in our universe to show us the fruits of his new creative energy through his new "Infiltration EP". The tracks revolve around a strange Class M planet called Deeptronica.Comsotech.P2X539: Episode I ::: Infiltration ::: The track infiltrates into many parrallel worlds and reveals its deepness step by step. Between leftfield-techno and electronica-house from outer space, the track plays with the contrasts. The beats are both binary and broken, the floating & hypnotic pads, the "moogy" bassline, the Rodz's keys create together an ambiance both bright and dark, simple and cyclical cells are mixed with more expressive and complex patterns. Episode II ::: Beautiful Darkness ::: A percussive danceable loop starts the track with an elegantly superimposition of airy rodz piano patterns. A slow and constant modulation of the bassline crosses the arrangement with a simple and effective use of rising notes. In the middle of the track, a moody break constructed as a cosmic elevator pushes the flying saucer on a starry dancefloor.... Episode III ::: Feeling Underground ::: The atmosphere is darker and more electro than the other tracks. The sinusoidal disposition of the elements is like a walk in a mountainous landscape. The variations presented in the background are mixed like several layers of paint with well separated coloured radiance. Ideal for the hikers of the nightlife. Episode IV ::: Angry Dolphins ::: In the morning, daylight illuminates the latter track where deep house orientation is more pronounced. The overall color is more vivid and anger of dolphins is not definitive, ultimately they also dream of more peaceful times.
Infiltration EP
1 - Infiltration [07:25]
2 - Beautiful Darkness [08:30]
3 - Feeling Underground [06:57]
4 - Angry Dolphins [07:32]