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Distribution: Finetunes
Selected supports: Laurent Garnier, Da Funk, Johnwaynes, AMDJS, Dj Nova, Alex Attias, Alex Flitsch, Adultnapper, Bugge Wesseltoft, Hrdvsion, Ken Ishii, Nico De Ceglia...
"This is the first album on Flying Flowers label. IDM release, mixed many styles and moods that basically can feel that is coming from moon and earth. Heavy discotech of ‘Uncovered’ is full of stardust. On abstract breakbeats of ‘Strange Days’ track the jazzy piano string sound like oasis, on funky breakbeats of ‘No One Can Hear You’ a satellite broke down in earth ground, probably in an exotic place near the carribean, put the blame on flute. ‘Step Up’ will be love from dubstep lovers and deep techno of ‘Vinyl Space’ by minimal dance freaks. Everyone will find his tune here, modern jazz lovers choose ‘No More Cry’ & ‘So Sorry’. ‘Lag In Sunrise’ have a wilder chill out sense like an outerspace unknown fear and at last ‘Take Me Home Love Me’ will confused your innerworld. Not a usual release, not one that will understood by lot of people, but this Trans Francoise Express creature will be the most wanted for many of us next year." (Dj Nova /Rodon FM 95)
Step Up LP
1 - Strange Days [05:37]
2 - Uncovered [05:51]
3 - No One Can Hear You [04:15]
4 - Step Up [05:52]
5 - Vinyl Space [06:38]
6 - No More Cry [06:18]
7 - So Sorry [06:23]
8 - Lag In Sunrise [04:54]
9 - Take Me Home Love Me [04:50]