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Distribution: Finetunes
Selected feedbacks: [Laurent Garnier]: "Whaouuuu , you should be very proud to release such great records. stunning release. Full club and radio support from me. BRILLIANT" [Hernan Cattaneo]: "Very good!" [Jody Wisternoff]: "Love it mate, very uplifting ! Thanks for sending :)" [Estroe]: "wow! Great release!! Will play both :-)" [John Selway]: "Cosmic Alignment sounds very good, nice harmony, ..." [Tedd Patterson]: "I love descent to Endor! Great release." [Nuno Dos Santos]: "Yeahhh Will try both tracks" [Guy Mantzur]: "This is really good Ian" [Dave Mothersole]: "thanks for these. cosmic alignment is absolutely wicked." [AMDJS Radio show]: "Super cosmic disco EP! Will play it a lot!" [Dj Nova (Rodon FM 95, ...)]:"Tech house from outer space. 'Cosmic Alignment' full of astro synths and keys will take you thirty before. On the hand trancy 'Descent To Endor'' will surprise you with the mixture of classical synth orchestral euphoric mood and the afro tech keys. Both tracks are epic, close to nine minutes."
Cosmic Alignment EP
1 - Cosmic Alignment [08:09]
2 - Descent To Endor [09:08]