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Distribution: Finetunes
After collecting many sound flowers on a far removed extrasolar planet, Esse is coming back from Outer Space with a new release characterized by a melancholy sweetness of cosmic inspiration. The tracks revolve around a strange M class planet called Deeptronica.Comsotech.P2X539: Episode I ::: Melancholy ::: Percussive simplicity, whirling arpeggios and refined sounds are the ingredients for an epic dance... Episode II ::: Torn ::: The hypnotic patterns combined to the sinusoidal modulations allow to progressively push up mind to stratospheric vapors... Epsidode III ::: Taken Off ::: This deep tool track based on organic loops has spun the aliens minds for a long time... Epsidode IV ::: The End ::: Spacey chords and sweet grooves are sprinkled on a progressive line which gives the final touch of melancholy
Melancholy EP
1 - Melancholy [07:20]
2 - Torn [08:47]
3 - Taken Off [07:18]
4 - The End [07:18]