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At the crossroads of their interstellar travels, JaZzFx revisits the cosmic material of Ian O'Donovan. Bassoon basslines, deep space chords, hypnotic dub delays, asynchronous patterns and polyrhythms are the ingredients for these new JaZzFx explorations. The 'deep space dub' version of 'Cosmic Alignment' is build around an elliptical arrangement where new synth modulations express the original chords in another space dimension. JaZzFx has traveled time and space in his AstroFlower to make these remixes. His first destination was the future (3069) on the Deeptronica.Comsotech.P2X539 planet. He came back to earth in 1993 for the other remix with tools and sounds from the present time. Indeed, his '93 smiles' remix of 'Descent To Endor' can be heard as a special tribute to the positive energy of the 90's. This remix can be also extrapolated as a transposition of his past emotions to his present music developments. At last, the original version of 'Cosmic Alignment' is an harmonic tech-house track built on a sinusoidal structure where the astro synth modulations are undulating on chord sequences to create the necessary impulsions to take a turn on the cosmic dancefloors.
Cosmic Remixes EP
1 - Cosmic Alignment (JaZzFx Deep Space Dub Remix) [09:46]
2 - Cosmic Alignment [08:09]
3 - Descent To Endor (JaZzFx 93 Smiles Remix) [09:04]