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"Flying Flowers Records" release the Rob belleville's debut album. The AstroFlower found a new human creator who travels in the same dimensional space during their recent intersidereal researches. "Labyrinthine Spaces LP" is the fruit of the musical osmosis between the artist and the label. Rob Belleville defines his own music approach of deep techno. He develops its arrangements with open-handedness and gives a singularity at each of its tracks. Orbiting the Detroit planet, its stylistic matrix provides consistency to the whole album while preserving the variety of paths in these labyrinthine spaces. Don't worry, there is absolutely no danger to meet a minotaur, the sound ingredients are an invitation to hover in an optimistic vision of the cosmos. The melodic strings of "Wall of Heat" carry us along the fine beats upon a cohort of warm chords. The modulations gradually rise in intensity on "Rootless" and keep the sound voyager ondulating on the sinusoidal pad sequences. On the next step of the trip named "Rayleigh Scattering", the beat slows down through a lunar night ambiance and the dubby textures materialize themselves along an evolution in shape of a simple circular arc. The Sun is rising on the moon when "Harmonized Souls" brings us a luminous contrast with his melodic events. The bass line of "Novelettish" purrs like a cosmic cat. After a little refreshing break, the space animal rolls on the lovely pads and the astro strings. In the dancefloor oriented "The Controverse", the energy reaches his peak via intense chord patterns played in a punchy arrangement. It's now time to breathe some pure oxygen with "Inmost", to eat some flowers and to relax before the album title track "Labyrinthine Spaces". This unclassable track synthesizes the directions of the album. Detroit sounds, broken techno beats, organic loops are some examples of the multiple layers of painting used for this labyrinthine canvas. The journey ends with the sweet melancholy that one feels the way home, with pictures, memories recrossing in mind. "Seasonality" opens a smooth return to Earth. This album is the maturation of the Rob's projects. It's the ripening of the fruits harvested in his introspective studio works and human interactions during his live acts.
Labyrinthine Spaces LP
1 - Wall Of Heat [05:42]
2 - Rootless [07:08]
3 - Rayleigh Scattering [08:10]
4 - Harmonized Souls [06:43]
5 - Novelettish [07:00]
6 - The Controverse [06:20]
7 - Inmost [06:27]
8 - Labyrinthine Spaces [06:02]
9 - Seasonality [06:21]
The Electric Underground
The title on this one really says it all for me, this album really is all about interwoven ‘spaces’ that you really can lose yourself in. With elements of ‘Dub’, ‘Detroit Techno’, Deep House, Electro, Ambient Electronica as well as straight up House and Techno influences all laced with a healthy dose of Funk, this ‘labyrinth’ of sound will take you to many places, and with some of these journeys there really is is no way back… No ‘return ticket’. From the depths of the ‘dubby’ sea the Album commences with ‘Rayleigh Scattering’, a Convextion-esque offering at the start with a smattering of Echoplex then we head firmly into ‘Belleville’ territory as the pads take a hold of you and pull you along on a tide of warmth and Soul not often found in many ‘Dub Techno’ releases. ‘Rootless’ is a breezy, highly optimistic affair, more on the House tip but still with those trademark pad/synths with heavy delay and plenty of emotion. One of the highlights for this reviewer is ‘The Controverse’ ( a universe where opinion is highly divided??) a deeply soulful and still energetic piece of Tech-Funk, all moist and dripping with sentiment but with plenty of dancefloor effervescence. ‘Harmonized Souls’ conjures up images of just that; like-minded entities swirling around in the ether together, warmth and introspection are order of the day with this sonic vision. A soul search of the positive kind is forced upon the listener here. Starting on a somewhat more melancholic vibe is ‘Novelettish’ a growling, wet analog bassline is overlaid with wistful strings and bright, shiny lead pads that build and build until the overwhelmingly uplifting hook enters, this really lifts the track to a completely different level indeed. Belleville proves with this number that he is a master of composition/arrangement and musical ‘storytelling’, and surpasses many of his contemporaries in this area. With ‘Wall of Heat’ we enter a more Electro/Freestyle arena, clean 808 percussion and a melange of beautifully structured strings and synths fly high in this track complimented by an understated, bubbly and totally funky bassline. Essentially positive in mood and yet still with that deeper sense of self knowledge that Belleville’s music bestows upon the listener. Title track ‘ Labyrinthine Spaces’ is also well and truly in the Electro spectrum drum wise, gritty textured and funky as hell bassline weaves in and out of a complex percussion arrangement and insistent hook that build to a perfect crescendo. We then drop into a swirling abyss of deeply moving strings, funky bass and dazzling percussion that just sings along with the music. Quality all the way. ‘Inmost’ takes us into Deep House territory, a slightly more sparse arrangement allowing things to build at a slower pace, trademark organic synth riffs and floaty pads coerce the listener into a dreamlike state that continues to evolve throughout. ‘Seasonality’ by it’s very title indicates the passing of time, events, seasons…. The temporary validity of fashions,scenes… the track itself does the opposite, renders itself timeless, atemporal. With the use of sounds, drums and synths that sidestep any specific genre as such so it’s difficult to pinpoint where exactly in time this music came/comes from … Past, present OR future, there is nothing seasonal about this track. All in all a highly accomplished LP that works well on a number of levels and comes highly recommended by the Timeline Music crew.