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Ian O'Donovan
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1 - Cosmic Alignment (JaZzFx Deep Space Dub Remix) [09:46]
2 - Cosmic Alignment [08:09]
3 - Descent To Endor (JaZzFx 93 Smiles Remix) [09:04]
1 - Cosmic Alignment [08:09]
2 - Descent To Endor [09:08]
After spending many of his earlier years listening to various styles and genres, Ian came across the world of underground electronic music. He quickly began to immerse himself in this music and the scene itself. Ian began djing playing house, techno and electro and although his palette has widened over the years, his dj sets are still largely filled with these genres of music. It wasn’t until he moved to Australia in the mid 00’s that he began to create his own tracks, teaching himself production techniques and developing his sound. After returning to Ireland in 2009, he decided to focus more of his attention on making music seriously. He began sending out some new tracks and immediately caught the attention of Laurent Garnier, who’s avid support looks set to help him make a big impression on the dance music scene, with a slew of upcoming ep’s coming on a number of labels. His tracks have already been played by several big name djs, to rave reviews and all this before having even one release. He has gained the support of many big names with his massive Aurora Borealis ep on John Digweed’s Bedrock imprint and his current En Verano ep on Wolfskuil Records, not to mention a number of top remixes of late. His style is most often described as Detroit techno and house and you will always find his tracks rich in melody, an element which is often lacking in modern day techno. One to watch and definitely one for the future!